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Performance Training

Sports Performance Training Programs

Championships are Won in the Gym

It’s a cliche, but everyone knows that talent alone won’t help most people to reach their athletic potential. There has to be an additional element of hard work and precision training. At Pure Fitness, we offer sports performance classes designed to help unlock your athletic potential and maximize your natural talents. Trainer Christie Belicek has years of experience in working with athletes, and even applied her training philosophy to help her son, Trevor, become a collegiate baseball player.


Our workouts are typically more specialized and finely-tuned than most school-led workouts. Rather than simply focus on endurance, strength and muscle mass, our techniques will help improve your overall speed, explosiveness, agility and functional strength. Being strong doesn’t count for much if you can’t move your body in an efficient manner.


All of our sports performance programs also include an element of injury prevention and recovery, as well as emphasis on proper technique and mechanics above increased weight or repetition. The goal is to improve every day in a manner that translates to your sport, not set a record for max reps or weight.


Let our proven approach help unleash the beast in your game. Contact our team today and schedule your first sports performance workout with Pure Fitness.

Don’t put your fitness goals on hold! Contact our team today!

Performance Training Class Schedule

Be the best athlete you can be. Choose a time that fits your schedule and let’s get to work improving your speed, agility, strength and endurance.

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